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Hiromi Kawano encountered the technique of digital multiple exposures as she sought to express her individuality in art. 

She found the technique in 2015 as she thought that expressions that reflected her sensibility lay outside the illustrations she drew for the clients. She was captivated by the fantastical world that multiple-exposure photographs create by superimposing two or more images in a single frame. Furthermore, digital multiple-exposure photographs that use a smartphone and computer instead of a camera to layer images allowed her to pursue her original expression since she had been familiar with digital art from many years of drawing illustrations on her computer. She took various photos daily and sought a singular combination of images that compose her work. The success of her solo exhibition in 2018 led her to set natural surroundings, including flowers, trees, light, and rain, as a subject matter of her work. She wishes to keep creating works that give hope and comfort to those who see them, taking inspiration from colors she found in rich nature in her childhood. Her works have been featured in different media and exhibitions, including French art magazine and TOKYO TOWER ARTFAIR in the spring of 2023. She also had her work introduced at Artavita Gallery at Artexpo in New York.

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アメリカのアートマガジン『ArtTourInternationalMagazine』のATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS AWARDS2022に選出。


デザインフェスタギャラリー 原宿

オンラインエキシビジョン Biafarin Exhibizone - Fall 2020


ZEN展 4月大黒屋選抜展、6月東京都美術館、10月埼玉県立近代美術館

フォーカスアート Paris 2022に出品(9月)


デザインフェスタギャラリー 原宿
デザイン書道作家 高木佳水氏とのアートユニット「La fusion」での初個展を開催(7月)


◎Design festa gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2018
Exhibition at Daikanyama 2019

Biafarin Exhibizone - Fall 2020
◎Solo EXHIBITIONS 2021(July)

◎ZEN public exhibition 2022

 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum(June)
 Saitama Museum of Modern Art(Oct.)
◎Focus Art Fair Paris 2022(Sept.)

◎Design festa gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2023

Design calligraphers Yoshimi Takagi and Hiromi Kawano have formed an art unit called "La fusion" and will hold their first solo exhibition in July.

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